Galcon’s 9000 series consists of battery-operated hose-end controllers that are easy to install. These user-friendly products are especially designed for very small lawn gardens and terraces.

9001 Controllers

Galcon’s 9001 controllers can be programmed for drip or sprinkler irrigation. The duration can be set from one minute up to twelve hours. The controllers allow for weekly programs and starting times can be up to four times a day.
The controllers allow for electronic manual operation.  Operating the controllers is simple with the manual operation button. Features include the option for rain-off suspension and an internal filter that is installed inside the controller. An indicator warns when the controller’s 9V alkaline battery runs low. The lifespan of the battery is up to one year.

9001EZ Controllers

The 9001EZ controllers have for the most part the same features and benefits as the standard 9001 models. The 9001EZ models have the option for delayed starting of irrigation. Duration of the irrigation can be set from two minutes and up to 14 days, and cycles can be set up from every 3 hours up to every 14 days.

Model 9001 /9001EZ
Controller body ABS
Seals EPDM
Standard CE
Battery 9V
Flow range 50-1200 Liter/Hour / 0.2-5.5 GPM
Operating pressure 1-10 bar / / 15-145 PSI
Thread NH or BSP
Swivel connector POM