Pressure Management Controller

Galcon’s PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) Controller is Galcon’s state-of-art pressure management controller. This controller works with any pressure reducing valve equipped with a hydraulic pilot. Each controller can be operated in different modes, including flow-based and time-based modes. This enables water utilities to easily and flexibly define pressure management policies. Galcon’s PRV Controller can operate as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with our G-DPM system.

Pressure – Flow mode
The controller will adjust the pressure according to the measured flow using a preset programming table. Pressure is thus constantly adjusted based on real demand.

Pressure – Time mode
Water pressure is regulated throughout the day according to a preset time table. This allows different pressures to be obtained based on predicted water flows during the day. Different pressure policies for any day of the week can be set up.

Exceptional Days
Specific days can be selected for a different pressure routine. This allows anticipating anomalous flows during specific days, e.g., holidays.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly durable and reliable IP68 enclosure submersible aluminum casing; ideal for extreme humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Easy to operate onsite with the LCD display and programming buttons.
  • Communication port allows for modem or local PC connectivity
  • Internal battery is sufficient for up to 5 years of operation (depending on usage).
  • Remote connectivity and management with external application via cable or GPRS modem.
  • Logging of up to 400,000 readings in a non-volatile memory.
  • Upstream and downstream analogue pressure sensors.