Open Field Software

Galcon’s unique open field irrigation application is designed for a wide variety of irrigation needs. It can be used for small irrigation systems (e.g., home garden) as well as large systems (such as irrigation communities). The software system fully supports cable and radio RTU. The open field software graphic abilities allow users to view a realistic picture of their field.

Galcon’s unique software enables up to 70 pipelines and valves to interconnect, thus creating a network. Pipelines are set up similar as are in the field. This enables various remote operations, including:

  • Setting up the hierarchy of main valves and head definition
  • Ability of gradually open or close irrigation to prevent high pressure buildup
  • Limiting the flow rate to a pipeline in the case of bottle necks. Upon programming the limiting flow rate, the system prevents the actual flow rate to exceed the limit.
  • Prevention of definition errors (e.g., fertilizer pump is not in route to the valve using it).

The software allows up to 200 irrigation valves to accumulate data relating to water, time and up to 7 different fertilizers.

The irrigation application also supports up to 100 water meters.  to divide The amount and flow rate of water measured is divided by the water meters between the valves in use. This unique ability allows for using one water meter for many valves, while at the same time operating each valve separately.

The software application allows for two fertilizing elements. Up to 30 local fertilizer pumps use a simple operation program that is part of the irrigation program. Up to 10 fertilizer centers enable operation of up to 6 fertilizer pumps, control of EC and pH, etc.

The software has a special application that manages up to 5 pump houses. This enables easy operation of any combination of up to 5 water pumps.

The application also manages up to 20 virtual water meters by showing the total flow rate and the accumulation of water meters. Each virtual water meter can also display the balance of the flow rate at a certain point, which allows for the use of the element called Burst Control (Net Protection).

Up to 10 pause elements are part of the application program. If an element contains a condition input and/or a sensor (e.g., a pressure transducer), it can halt the pipeline it is connected to.

The application also supports up to 5 mixing junctions which controls the dilution of water. The result of e.g., mixing of drainage water with fresh water complies with required EC.

The software application enables up to 200 irrigation programs. Each irrigation program encompasses:

  • Up to 50 valves for operation.
  • Quantity or duration.
  • Local fertilizing pump.
  • Selection of fertilizing program of fertilizer center.
  • Over/under flow alarms.
  • Sequential operation.
  • Start and stop time.
  • Cyclic irrigation.
  • Daily (days of the week).
  • Conditioned irrigation.