Irrigation Software

Galcon’s greenhouse irrigation software program combines an irrigation system with up to 4 climate control systems in the same controller. The greenhouse irrigation system is composed of one irrigation head in which a fertilizer center performs sophisticated fertilizer injection of up to 8 different fertilizers. It conducts essential control of conductivity and acidity of the irrigation water.

The greenhouse irrigation application is designed for Galcon greenhouse irrigation capabilities, misting programs and greenhouse climate control.

Irrigation Capabilities

The irrigation systems can operate:

  • One irrigation head (including main valve, water pump, main fertilizer)
  • Up to 100 valves
  • Up to 8 fertilizer pumps
  • Up to 5 fertilizing selectors
  • Up to 10 filters
  • Up to 20 drainage sampling outputs
  • Up to 40 misting valves
  • Additional elements

Each irrigating system can also read: one water meter, 8 fertilizer meters, up to 100 sensors, special mixer inputs, special mixing, and recycling inputs. Up to 100 irrigation programs can be set with a variety of options. A single preset program can work up to 4 valves directly and 16 valves indirectly. Preset fertilizer programs encompass a wide range of options, including:

  • Up to 50 different fertilizer programs in which the proportion of fertilizer/water for each fertilizer pump is set along with the EC/pH requirement
  • Time range for operation
  • Up to 5 hourly start times per day
  • Cyclic irrigation
  • Several options for manual override


Misting Programs

Galileo’s misting programs consist of up to 40 foggers. Each fogger contains:

  • Time of operation
  • Time cycle which can be changed by e.g., temperature, humidity or other conditions
  • Use of logical conditions for operation
  • Sequential operation
  • Drainage sampling by Galcon’s Dagan device that connects up to 20 sampling points can to the controller. It measures the quantity, EC and pH automatically.
  • Filter flushing by up to 10 filters divided between up to 2 stations.