GDPM Management App

Dynamic Pressure Management – Beyond Pressure Reduction

With real water loss being up to 60% of all NRW (Non-Revenue Water), limiting leakage is a strategic element for any water utility in its quest to improve results and reduce loss. Dynamic Pressure Management is the most cost-effective solution to significantly reduce water leakage in urban water networks.

As opposed to Pressure Reduction which is essentially a static solution, Dynamic Pressure Management provides real dynamic control, feedback and management capabilities. With Dynamic Pressure Management pressure levels are dynamically adjusted so that at all times service levels are maintained while leakage from both visible and invisible leaks is minimized. In addition to leakage reduction advanced control and communications are utilized to improve operational performance.

Galcon G-DPM offers a unique approach to Dynamic Pressure Management with a fully integrated system that combines best-of-breed Pressure Controller and a Web-based operational application that ensures full control and monitoring. Sophisticated optimization and history-based data analysis enable an on-going and constant process of improvement.

Key features and benefits:

  • Integrated solution for a “one-stop shop”
  • Management application with sophisticated optimization
  • Web-based interface securely accessible anywhere
  • Intelligent controller with highly flexible programming features
  • Automatic optimization and update of pressure policy
  • Analysis, reporting and data gathering support critical decision making processes
  • Full professional services package: planning,  implementation, on-going monitoring
  • Support both ASP and on-site implementation models

Web-Based Management:

A central application that automatically calculates and updates the optimal pressure policy both at the system level as well as for each DMA independently. Based on sophisticated adapting algorithms, the system ensures lowest pressure is maintained while sustaining required service levels. This guarantees that under all demand levels, low to high, pressure is kept at the necessary service level defined by the utility. Advanced optimization, history-based data analysis and a “learning” solution enable an on-going and constant process of improvement Policy is downloaded to the controllers via GPRS communication, Extensive reporting features that include water audits and other critical decision-making information provide operational tools to enhance the management of the network by the utility.  A ubiquitous Web-based interface provides secure access from any point through any Internet connection.

Pressure Controller

At the heart of the G-DPM is our state of the art controller that operates with any pressure reducing valve equipped with a hydraulic pilot. The controller can opperated in 3 different modes enabling flexible and easy definition of the pressure management policy. Highly accurate and virtually maintenance-free it is remotely programmable and ensures the optimal pressure policy for the DMA is maintained at all times, even in cases of communication failures. The controller constantly gathers data and communicates with the management application providing valuable operational input from the field for operational purposes.