Galstar is Galcon’s medium-sized modular irrigation controller with EC/pH management and optional PC interface. Compact in design, it contains most Galileo features. Galstar is specifically designed for medium-sized, open-field irrigation. Easy to operate, it leverages the latest cutting-edge technology for advanced fertigation (EC/pH and more), as well as technologies for multi-communication between controllers and a PC.

Galstar controls two irrigation heads, and includes all the programming features for irrigation control including fertilization according to EC/pH. Although designed to be operated via a wide screen and keyboard, communication with a PC is also possible. The keyboard design is similar to the function key layout of automatic telling machines which makes it user-friendly.

All Galstar models are available in AC or DC.

AC power supply 110 /220VAC
AC model outputs 24VAC
DC model inputs 12VDC (12 Volts 9 Amp*Hr battery)
Optional connection to solar panel
DC model outputs DC latching
I/O Cards 8 X 24VAC output card
8 X DC latching output card
8 X Discrete (On/Off) input card
8 X Analog (4-20mA or 0-2V) card
Capacity 2 irrigation heads
3 fertilizer pumps per head
4 water meters per head
4 filters per head
Up to 32 outputs
64 irrigation programs per head
10 fertilizing programs per head
Accumulation Water, time and fertilizers is independently accumulated for each valve (even when working with the same water meter)
PC Connections RS232 port for connecting the controller to a PC.
Remote control operation for:
– Data acquisition
– Graphic presentation
– Controller network operation
– Cellular (GPRS) connection

The Galstar series consist of MiniGalstar (a non-modular controller 16 outputs, 8 inputs in a small casing), Galstar and Galstar EX. All Galstars have casings containing slots in which I/O cards can be inserted. Small casings consist of 5 slots, while large casings contain 7 slots. The large casings are also set up for integral L485, integral radio adapters and integral EC/pH adapters.

All Galstars are designed for a maximum of 32 outputs and 24 inputs. The inputs can be a combination of discrete inputs and analogs. Maximum configuration can be achieved with the EX (large casing) model.

Programming features includes:

  • Irrigation duration according to time, volume or automatic calculation of volume per area.
  • Fertilization according to time, volume, proportional, and according to EC/pH.
  • Sequential operation, priority operation and scheduled operation according to cycle (between 1 minutes and 360 days) and daily (Monday-Sunday).
  • Conditioned operation according to input or logic condition.
  • Alarm settings include overflow/underflow, water pulse fault, uncontrolled water, pause device, etc.
  • Flow rate limit set up via the automatic mechanism of program ordering. It prevents exceeding a flow rate limit.
  • Flow rate division enables dividing the flow rate accumulated between valves which are simultaneously irrigating using the same water meter or the same fertilizer program. The division is made according to the nominal flow rates set for the valves.