Galcon’s FertiGal is a top-notch inline mixing machine with direct injection (without the need for a mixing tank). The machine mixes various kinds of fertilizers in the main Irrigation line. All FertiGals come with our Galileo controller as well as EC/pH control. Each FertiGal system can be equipped with up to 8 fertilizer pumps (350 L/H). All Fertigal machines include two kinds of pumps: a Venturi pump and a booster pump.

According to their needs, customers can choose from five  models: Mini FertiGal and FertiGal 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”. All models have an inlet pressure of more than 2.5 bars. On request, higher pressure models are available via special order.



Mini FertiGal up to 25 cubic meters per hour compact up to 4 fertilizer pump 2″ machine
FertiGal 1″ up to 10 cubic meters per hour
FertiGal 2″ up to 25 cubic meters per hour
FertiGal 3″ up to 50 cubic meters per hour
FertiGal 4″ up to 100 cubic meters per hour
FertiGal 6″ up to 100 cubic meters per hour

Additional components include:

  • Hydraulic main pressure reducing valve that is installed at the inlet of the machine. It can be regulated to maintain the desired pressure.
  • Main tubing according to the size of the machine.
  • A filter that is installed at the outlet of the machine. It serves as a secondary filter and assists with mixing the fertilizer with the water.

All FertiGal machines have the following machine components:

  • A strong, modular, non-corrosive frame out of Aluminium
  • PVC non-corrosive piping and fittings
  • All necessary connections (electric cables) ready for use including a starter for the booster pump.

A Venturi pump is a T-shape device with a unique nozzle inside. It converts the speed of the water into suction and causes the fertilizer to mix in the water. Models include a standard model of 350 l/hr and a high flow model of 1,200 l/hr.

Electric valves Installed on the entrance of the machine.
Fully open/closed.
Connected to the controller.
Controlled by the controller.
The controller Calculates the required injection rate and operates the solenoid accordingly
Changing rate 1-2 second working/pausing time
Flow meter Transparent conic tube with a ball inside that rises according to the momentary flow rate of the fertilizer.
Includes a small valve for adjustment of the flow rate.
Fertimeter (optional) Sends pulses to the controller
Fertilization According to volume
Hydraulic valve Normally closed to prevent leakage of fertilizer into the empty line when the system is idle

The booster pump is an electric stainless steel (non-corrosive) pump, ranging from 2HP up to 25HP. It enables high speed flow through the Venturi for suction of the fertilizer. In the FertiGal itself, it also builds up irrigation water pressure.

  • Electric pressure stat prevents any operation in the electric pump in “no water” cases.
  • The pressure sustaining valve prevents cavity in the electric pump.
  • Level sensor for automation and information.

The EC/pH system includes a sampling cell with two electrodes EC and pH that are connected to an electronic monitor. The monitor converts the electrodes signal to a standard 4-20 mA signal that is read by the Galileo controller. The monitor is equipped with a display and a keyboard for constant and clear presentation of data during operations. The monitor also enables calibration of the electrode readings.