Cyber Rain XCI Residential


Cyber Rain Pro Controller with Cloud Technology is ideal for the home owner who wants to conserve water and be alerted to problems with their landscape. The Cyber Rain Pro checks your current and controller status every time it waters and emails if it detects a problem. If an optional flow meter is attached, the Cyber Rain Pro will also email you if you have a broken sprinkler head or a leak in your irrigation pipes. The Cyber Rain Pro can also be remotely accessed by your landscape professional.

Cyber Rain is a sprinkler controller with a brain. It uses the internet to check the weather and automatically adjusts run times.

Each Cyber Rain Pro with Cloud Technology System includes

  • Professional sprinkler controller(s) The Cyber Rain Pro Controller connects to your sprinkler valves and replaces a traditional timer. Controllers are available in 8 and 16 zones models.
  • An access point This module plugs into your router (Cloud version) or a USB port in your PC (software version) to connect Cyber Rain to the internet.
  • Cyber Rain software This software is used to schedule, operate and monitor your sprinkler system. It is hosted on the internet (Cloud version) or installed on your local PC (software version).

After installation, Cyber Rain is fully controlled from your computer. Cyber Rain uses the internet to check the weather and sends updated irrigation schedules to your Cyber Rain controller. The Cyber Rain controller reports back all on irrigation activity and water savings.

How does this communication work? Cyber Rain uses state-of-the-art radios to create its own wireless network between your controller and your access point. These radios bind so that you can wirelessly manage your sprinklers from your computer. A single access point can wirelessly communicate with an unlimited number of Cyber Rain controllers.

The Cyber Rain Controller with Cloud Technology is available in both the new Cloud version as well as the software version. The Cloud is best for those who would like the flexibility of controlling Cyber Rain from any computer, Mac or even an iPhone. The Cloud is also best for those that would like to control/monitor their Cyber Rain from another location. The software version works best when the primary user and a desktop PC are available on site.