CV-600 is Galcon’s three-way latching solenoid pilot valve with 2 wire / 3 wire.
This solenoid commands various types of 3-way hydraulic valves.
CV-600 is available as a standalone product or assembled on a bracket.

Product material Plastic consisting of reinforced nylon
Seals EPDM
Metals Stainless steel
Electrical connections 80 cm. PVC cable, 24 AWG
Command N.O/N.C – according to electrical connection of wires
Dimensions Height 103 mm x Width 42 mm x Lenghth 44 mm
Weight 178.4 gr.



The CV-600 on bar consists of various quantities of our CV-600 on an aluminum strip. Available in quantities of 2-4-6-8-10 solenoids, the CV-600 on bar also includes hydraulic connectors.