Galcon’s 6100 series consist of battery-operated irrigation controllers based on solenoid valves.

These waterproof (IP68) and humidity resistant controllers are especially designed for underground installations without any need for external power connections.

The sophisticated controllers utilize the latest sealing technology for improved water resistance and reliability.  Water budgeting is reported at around 90%.

The different 6100 models operate 2 or 3 wires latching solenoid valves. The irrigation schedule can be set up for 7 calendar days or for intervals between 1 and 30 days. Irrigation duration from 1 second to 12 hours.

Model 61512S 2 wire: SC1-S, DC4-S, DC6-S
61512S 3 wire: SC1-S, DC4-S, DC6-S
Controller body ABS
Standard CE
Battery 1 * 9V
2 * 9v
Operated Valve Solenoid 2 wireSolenoid 3 wire